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Letterpress is FUN!

August 6, 2011

Letterpress is a very nice ‘old school’ method of printing. If you’ve never seen or felt Letterpress, there is nothing quite like it. The tactile feel of the lettering and special papers we use have a very OMG! feeling. At least for me anyway. It takes a true Craftsman to get Letterpress right, and of course, like with any printing project there are limitations which must be understood.

Recently we Letterpress printed an entire wedding package. The customer (a graphic designer friend of mine) came to me with the idea, we looked at the options and limitations and produced this stunning package. Printed in 2 special mix PMS colours and diecut with 1/8″ radius corners.


Traditional Letterpress printing was done so that you shouldn’t see an indentation into the paper surface. I still work with some old timers that complain to me every time I say “pound the snot out of it”. Modern Letterpress combines the ink transfer from lead type or a die with the deboss into a nice soft sheet.

Beautiful Deep Impression

For this wedding package we chose a new paper by Reich called Savoy. It is 100% cotton. There are a couple of colour options and we chose the slightly off white colour. The cool thing about the Savoy is it comes in a 236lb Cover – 40pt / 640GSM. This is a mighty THICK paper, more than double the thickness of a thick business card paper.

We also custom made the envelope – using the 92lb Cover – 16pt / 250GSM. The diamond pattern on the envelope added some challenges when it crosses over the flap.  The artwork / printing and diecutting had to be bang on to line them up perfectly. The envelope was letterpressed flat and then diecut and converted to the final size. Interior space allowance was increased because of the 3 sheet thickness required to be inserted.

The full Stunning Package



Spot UV on Business Cards

July 30, 2011

We just completed some Spot UV on business cards and are very happy with the result. The process is unique as we use a combination of Varnish and Gloss Coating together in one press pass. The high gloss is achieved by using a special coating that cures / dries by exposure to UltraViolet lamps. Basically some nice tanning bed lights built right into the printing press. Done right, the effect is super hot!
Contact us for file building specifications.  Costs: 1,000 cards for only $180

The Geometric Lines Pop right off the page with the Spot UV


May 10, 2011

Craftsmanship is important to me. That’s one of the reasons I put “Journeyman” on my business card. I want clients to understand that I take pride in my craft, and using my years of earned skill adds value to their project.
Emma on the Beach was a unique project that allowed me to use my Craftsmanship in an unbridled fashion.
The project came about when St. Patrick’s School was looking for donations to their major annual fundraiser. So I thought about what a printer could contribute. Free letterhead / Free Business Cards? Boring… How about a custom, one off keepsake book. Of course it really helps if your wife is a successful children’s author. So I excitedly pitched the idea, and after some convincing, Sandra agreed to write the story.

Northstar Bindery graciously donated the bindery for Emma on the Beach as well as a leather covered 9×12″ mock-up to use on the auction table. The winning bidder met with us and we brainstormed about a story idea. The ‘client’ requested a keepsake to remember a family vacation in Florida.

The story weaves through some heartfelt memories of special moments from the vacation and touches on Emma’s experiences as an 8mo old girl. Sandra put a beautiful story together. Illustrations were provided by one of the teachers at St. Pat’s. Then once it was all together I created the layout and special look to the keepsake book.

We used an fully recycled uncoated paper on the inside with a bit of ‘tooth’ to it for a nice feel.  The sheets were digitally printed single sided. The 2 page spreads were laminated together back to back, kind of accordion style. and case bound (hard cover). I choose a sand coloured genuine linen cover that would reflect the beach theme. For the front cover we used a debossing technique to highlite where the title plaque was to be inset into the front cover to finish it all off.

When we presented the keepsake, we were rewarded with the best payment ever; tears of joy.

Having a vision and seeing it through to completion makes Craftsmanship come alive – an Ahh moment for a true Journeyman. If you have a project that needs some special attention, we’d love to hear from you.