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Free Beer!!

June 27, 2013

It’s not everyday that we get to print cool stuff. Don’t get me wrong, we get a lion’s share of the cool print projects, but come on… Free Beer?

Recently a customer came to us with a bunch of projects for their trade show marketing. We ended up printing a very nice brochure with Spot Gloss UV special effects, a super cool poster showing a “Map of the Internet” and the crowning jewel… Beer Labels.

Discussing the job back and forth with the designer, we decided to use some silver metallic pressure sensitive paper and print white and 4 colour process inks on top of it. Because our printing inks are to a certain extent transparent, we were able to achieve some neat effects making the inks look metallic in some areas.

With a custom diecut for the main and neck labels, the result is outstanding. Taste was pretty good too.


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