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Client Christmas Gift Idea

November 29, 2011

Here is a Great client gift idea.








What better way to stay connected than providing each client or prospect with a custom note pad.

  • They’ll keep this on their desk all year long
  • It won’t make them fat
  • No allergy concerns
  • They have your phone number right there when they need it
  • You can give one to your Mom to for her grocery list
  • They are the perfect size for quicky notes in front of the computer
  • They come in pads of 20 or 50 sheets
  • On a nice white uncoated offset paper

Size 4.25 x 5.5″  4 colour, 1 side on 60lb White Offset Paper


Pads of 20 Sheets;                                                          Pads of 50 Sheets;
25 Pads     $189                                                                     25 Pads     $214
50 Pads     $214                                                                     50 Pads     $287
75 Pads     $252                                                                     75 Pads     $335
100 Pads   $299 (best deal $2.99/pad)                           100 Pads   $423 (best deal $4.23/pad)


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